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Comix Gab Episode 10: Greenies unite! A Powerful Range of Questions with Jason David Frank on Comix Gab! 

The Comix Gab crew goes to the Wizard World Philly launch soiree and mingles with all of the finest celebrities. Amongst these pop culture superstars were David Boreanaz, Michael Rooker, and Lou Ferrigno. Most important of these folks, though, was the Green Ranger (and later White Ranger) himself, Mr. Jason David Frank (JDF). The Comix Gab team spent a precious moment with him in the VIP lounge talking about his favorite comics and being a hero to a multitude of generations.

(Don’t see the playlist? Click here.) 


Comix Gab intro followed by a clip of “El Nerd Song” by Dre and Ken’s band I Am A Tree, and then a joyful declaration by part-time Comix Gabber Ken.


The inaugural question is posed by Dre to JDF: “What is it like to be a hero?” He reveals more about himself, such as his favorite comics…


JDF reveals his master plan for the remainder of the year. The future looks bright and green for JDF.


I Am A Tree’s “El Nerd Song” in full. 


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